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[미국인턴/취업] Apparelnet Systems, Inc. | IT 부문 채용

Apparelnet Systems, Inc.

Address: 2140 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 538 Los Angeles, CA 90006 


With 13 years of experience,  APN Systems ( Advanced Program Network Systems – Apparel Production Network ) aims to develop innovative problem-solving tools in the apparel industry. Our knowledge and expertise have been applied to solve various problems mainly in production.

APN Systems was founded in 2011 by an ambitious programmer in Los Angeles, California. His passion for apparel production and computer technology introduced several comprehensive and fully integrated production systems. One of them applied the Standard Allow Minute (SAM) idea to apparel production flow, which allowed companies to analyze various production data such as delivery schedule, plant load analysis, and cost/time analysis. This unique system revolutionized the local garment production community at that time.

Additionally, APN provides strong customer service concepts. We offer customizations and modifications to our standard programs to best suit our customer’s needs. Our knowledge and services help customers to overcome various challenges and to maximize profitability. Our ultimate goal is to grow together with our customers.



◾ 채용부문 : IT부문

◾ 근무기간 : 12개월 

◾ 근무시간: 주 40시간

◾  급여: $18 / an hour or more(면접 시 협의)

◾  연 환산급여: 약 $37,440 / a year (주 40시간 52주 근무 기준 이며, 주말 및 공휴일 over time 근무에 따라 변동 가능)

◾  급여 외 보상: 점심 제공, 추가 근무시 1.5 배 지급, PTO & Paid Sick leaves = 12 Per Year 

Job Description

- Production of user Manual of company products:

- Customer Service (call/consultation and follow-up)

- Development team support to receive feedback from customers (on-site visit or phone) to solve problems.

- Support sales staff, and marketing, creating campaigns for new products, and improving customer care.

- Support various projects and participate in new projects

 - Ability to understand Web design & solve troubleshooting

- knowledge of " Open Cart" experience Prefered ( )

- Also consider no experience. Will to train.


◾ 문의 신청서 제출(구글폼)

◾ 비자발급 가능 여부 검토 후 개별 전형/기업 안내 실시

◾ 전달받은 이력서 작성 후 회신(첨삭진행)

◾ 기업 서류/ 화상 면접전형 진행

◾ 합격자, 미국 스폰서기관 인터뷰 (회사-지원자 간의 보증을 해주는 미국 국무성 지정 기관, 별도 안내예정)

◾ 주한미국대사관 인터뷰 (별도 안내예정)

◾ 출국/출근


채용 시 마감

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⋇ 파견직이 아닌 「합격기업 소속」으로 근무하게 됩니다. 

⋇ 비자 발급비용은 본인 부담입니다.


☎ 지원문의: Tel. 031-8027-9060 / Email :

✏ 상담신청:

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    대표자 : 김수연  전화번호 : 031-8027-9060  이메일 :
    주소 : 경기도 하남시 미사대로520, 현대지식산업센터 2차 C동 319호, 320호
    사업자번호 : 325-87-02330  법인등록번호 : 135711-0181744

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